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Former supporters of Joe Lieberman who support the 2006 Connecticut Democratic Party senate nominee!

Tuesday, August 29

Senator Dianne Feinstein

"I congratulate Ned Lamont for his victory in the Connecticut primary and endorse his candidacy in the November General Election."

- Senator Dianne Feinstein
SOURCE: Official Statement

Senators Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka

U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye has backed away from his support of Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman in his controversial run for re-election as an independent. [...]

Inouye initially said that he'd support Lieberman as an independent because he was concerned about the single-issue focus on the war in Iraq that turned primary voters against Lieberman, who is strongly aligned with President Bush on the war. [...]

He said he hasn't communicated with either Lieberman or Lamont, "but if people ask I'll tell them I back Lamont." [...]

Hawai'i Rep. Ed Case, who is challenging Sen. Daniel Akaka in the Democratic primary, also announced he would support Lieberman as an independent, and has given no indication that he's joined Inouye in changing his mind.

Akaka supported Lieberman in the primary, but switched to Lamont after he became the Democratic nominee.

- David Shapiro
SOURCE: Honolulu Advertiser (LINK)

Monday, August 28


After hearing from both candidates our members voted overwhelmingly for change in Connecticut and Washington. Our 50,000 workers are going to get off the sidelines and work enthusiastically for Ned Lamont to bring change to Connecticut and Washington

- Paul Philson, State Director of SEIU
SOURCE: Press Release (LINK)

Saturday, August 12

Governor Bill Richardson

Joe Lieberman is a good friend of mine, a true public servant who has served his constituents and the Democratic Party well.

However, after a hard-fought race Connecticut's Democratic voters chose Ned Lamont as their candidate for US Senate.

I look forward to supporting Ned as he fights to help Democrats take back the Senate, and I call on Joe Lieberman to respect the will of the voters and step aside.

- Governor Bill Richardson

Friday, August 11

Connecticut Democrats are United for Ned Lamont

Mark Warner

I congratulate Ned Lamont on a great grassroots campaign, and wish him success in November. I and our PAC, Forward Together, will be supporting the Lamont campaign. Connecticut Democrats are mirroring the frustrations most Americans feel with this President’s failed foreign policy and mishandled war. I also commend Senator Lieberman for his remarkable record of public service.

- former Governor Mark Warner
SOURCE: Mark Warner's Forward Together PAC (LINK)

Thursday, August 10

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd

Yesterday, Connecticut Democratic voters went to the polls to elect candidates to represent our party in general election contests this fall.

I congratulate all of the candidates for waging vigorous campaigns about important issues. These clean, issues-based campaigns are a hallmark of campaigns in our Democratic party and in our state.

Another hallmark of our campaigns is that we Democrats typically unite behind nominees elected by Democratic voters. It is in keeping with that tradition that I join Rosa DeLauro, John Larson, and other Connecticut Democrats in declaring my support for the Democratic slate of candidates who will face the voters this November. That decision includes the race for the United States Senate.

I supported Joe Lieberman in the primary. Like many other Democrats, it was my view that Joe had compiled a strong record on Democratic priorities, like good jobs and a healthier environment. He's a good friend, a good Senator, and a good Democrat.

But now the voters of our party have spoken -- and I respect their decision. For that reason, I have congratulated Ned Lamont on his victory in the primary, and pledged to help in any way I can to secure his victory in the general election this fall. He has earned the right to represent our party and I believe he will be an outstanding candidate for the Senate. I hope Connecticut voters will support him on Election Day in November

- Senator Chris Dodd
SOURCE: Email from Dodd Staff

Senator Ted Kennedy

I congratulate Ned Lamont on his victory in the Democratic primary in Connecticut, and I pledge my enthusiastic support for him in November.

Ned is fighting to take our country in a new direction, both at home and abroad. His victory last night was a clarion call for change.

Connecticut voters turned out yesterday in record numbers to change a failed policy in Iraq, to call for health care for all Americans, to fight for a truly independent judiciary and much more. I believe that November will bring a tidal wave of change that will put this nation back on track so we can begin to build a stronger and safer future for all Americans.

- Senator Ted Kennedy
SOURCE: Email from Kennedy Staff

Wednesday, August 9

Rosa DeLauro

Connecticut Democrats have selected Ned Lamont. I will be supporting and working for his election in November.

- Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro
SOURCE: My Left Nutmeg (LINK)

Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer

"The Democratic voters of Connecticut have spoken and chosen Ned Lamont as their nominee. Both we and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) fully support Mr. Lamont's candidacy. Congratulations to Ned on his victory and on a race well run.

"Joe Lieberman has been an effective Democratic Senator for Connecticut and for America. But the perception was that he was too close to George Bush and this election was, in many respects, a referendum on the President more than anything else. The results bode well for Democratic victories in November and our efforts to take the country in a new direction."

- Senator Harry Reid and Senator Chuck Schumer
SOURCE: Hotline On Call (LINK)

Senator Evan Bayh

Senator Bayh supported Senator Lieberman in the primary because of his respect for Senator Lieberman's service and their long friendship. The Democratic voters of Connecticut have spoken, and Senator Bayh respects their choice and will support their nominee.

- Spokesman Dan Pfeiffer
SOURCE: Washington Post's The Fix (LINK)

Senator Barbara Boxer

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., who campaigned for Lieberman, called after Lieberman's concession to offer her support, Lamont campaign manager Tom Swan said.

SOURCE: Hartford Courant (LINK)

Thursday, July 20

Bill Clinton

President Clinton is looking forward to campaigning with Senator Lieberman on Monday and will work hard to help ensure he wins the primary, but he respects the primary process and will support the candidate that wins the Democratic primary.

- Jay Carson, a spokesman for President Bill Clinton
SOURCE: Washington Post's The Fix (LINK)

Friday, July 14

Wes Clark

I am a proud member of the Democratic Party, and I believe it is our party's responsibility to support the will of the Democratic primary voters in Connecticut. I personally look forward to supporting the candidate CT voters elect as the Democratic nominee. Though, as an aside, I must say I find it ironic that Senator Lieberman is now planning a potential run as an independent after he continually questioned my loyalty to the Democratic Party during the 2004 presidential primary.

- General Wes Clark
SOURCE: Daily Kos (LINK)

Tuesday, July 11

Senator Tom Harkin

[...]Connecticut Democrats will choose their nominee in August, and I will support that nominee. I believe we must respect the Democratic process, and honor the voters' decisions.

- Senator Tom Harkin

Thursday, July 6

Senator John Kerry

Connecticut will choose the Democratic Senate nominee, and John Kerry will support him.

- Amy Brundage, Spokesman for Senator John Kerry
SOURCE: Boston Globe (LINK)

CT-04: Diane Farrell

I endorsed Joe several months ago. I've told him I disagree strongly with him on the war and a few other issues. And I've told him I'll support the winner of the primary on Aug. 8.

- Congressional Candidate Diane Farrell
SOURCE: Stamford Advocate (LINK)

Wednesday, July 5

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

But I want to be clear that I will support the nominee chosen by Connecticut Democrats in their primary. I believe in the Democratic Party, and I believe we must honor the decisions made by Democratic primary voters.

- Senator Hillary Clinton
SOURCE: Associated Press (LINK)

Tuesday, June 27

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

I will support the Democratic nominee.

- Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
SOURCE: Connecticut Blog (LINK)

Sunday, June 25

Senator Russ Feingold

I think Ned Lamont's positions on the issues are much closer to mine on the critical issues. I think that this is going to be something decided by the people of Connecticut. I'm not going to go up there, but I'll tell you this, Tim. I will support the Democratic nominee, whoever that is.

- Senator Russ Feingold
SOURCE: Meet the Press (LINK)

Wednesday, June 21

Democratic State Party Chair Nancy DiNardo

I will be endorsing the Democratic Party candidate, who I anticipate
will be Joe Lieberman.

- Democratic State Party Chair Nancy DiNardo
SOURCE: Roll Call (LINK)

Tuesday, June 20

Governor Tom Vilsack

The voters in Connecticut will make their decision on August 8th and I will support the nominee.

- Governor Tom Vilsack
SOURCE: Daily Kos (LINK)

Sunday, June 18

Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz

As the person whose office runs the primaries in Connecticut, it is my policy not to endorse any particular candidate running in a Democratic primary. I will, however, be supporting the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in the November elections.

- Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz
SOURCE: Connecticut Blog (LINK)

CT-02: Joe Courtney

Joe Courtney, the Democratic challenger for Congress in the 2nd District, said he will work in November for the Democratic ticket.

- Hartford Courant
SOURCE: Connecticut Blog (LINK)

Friday, June 16

CT-05: Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy, and this campaign, will support the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate after the primary.

- Campaign of Conressional Candidate Chris Murphy
SOURCE: Unofficial LamontBlog (LINK)

Thursday, June 15

Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy

Yes, I will support the winner of Senate primary, period.

- Mayor Dan Malloy
SOURCE: My Left Nutmeg (LINK)

Wednesday, April 12

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano

I will be supporting the Democrat in the November election. Look, I have disagreements with Joe on the war and some other things. He’s been a good and fair senator for New Haven. He’s been a good and fair senator for Connecticut. He has earned my support. That said, I am supporting the Democratic candidate in November.

- New Haven Mayor John DeStefano
SOURCE: New Haven Independent (LINK)